Our Views
Three little words that mean so much. This is what you can expect when you meet or speak with us.

Cobs, vanners, etc. they are all genetically the same breed, we prefer to refer to them as cobs.

We strongly believe, that anyone considering the purchase of a gypsy horse, especially someone new to the breed, or new to horses in general, should research the breed and educate themselves to the breed. Check the registry websites, and speak with reputable breeders. A reputable breeder will have a strong belief in their horses and in their breed, and will make time to speak to people about the breed.

We don't believe in flipping horses! We will not purchase horses strictly for re-sale. We will never be a larger farms clearing house. It's not fair to the horses, and it's not fair to people. We wouldn't  have enough time to get to know a horse, which means we can't give an honest representation of the horse to a perspective buyer. However, if we do not have a suitable horse, we will gladly assist a perspective buyer, by putting them in contact with other reputable breeders, who may have a suitable prospect.

We don't believe in indescriminate breeding practices. We believe that every mare and stallion should compliment each other, so that the resulting offspring should be equal too, or superior to the parents in conformation and disposition. Although we do cross breed, we only cross breed with a purpose for the resulting offspring, for example crossing with arabians to produce hunter ponies or childrens competitive trail horses. We don't believe in "in utero sales". We believe that a perspective buyer should be able to see, and get to know the horse that they want to purchase, before they make the final decision whether to go ahead with the purchase or not.

We strongly believe that the phrases "Lowest Prices" or "Best Prices" or any similar phrase simply means buyer beware. These phrases primarily come from dealers who don't care about the breed or the quality of the animals they are selling. They only care about the money!

We believe that for us to offer for sale a "show quality" horse, it or it's parents must have a proven show record being shown against other gypsy horses, and not just a claim of our opinion as such.
Honesty, Integrity, Respect
Cob waiting patiently to go for a sleigh ride.