Traditional Cobs in Traditional Colours
      We happened across this breed of horse while extensively searching for a calm quiet sensible horse for pulling our buggy as well as being a dependable trail riding horse. We ended up spending quite a bit of time researching these wonderful horses and waiting to come across just the right ones, and that is how we found William. It was love at first sight. William now resides with us on our farm and is the foundation for our breeding program.
      Our program is based on proven blood lines, ability and breed type. Our goal is to produce Quality Traditional Cobs. We did not want to just continue another farms program, we wanted to create our own program. We wanted to breed horses that would each carry the unique stamp of being a CGH horse.
        We learned of the breed in 2003 and joined online communities to learn about them and to meet people in the Gypsy Cob community. It took several years but in 2008 we brought our first one home.
       In 2010 we started attending the "at that time" far and few between, Gypsy  Breed Shows with Black Forest William. William retired from the Breed Show ring in 2019 after winning numerous Championships, to focus on the disciplines of Driving and Western Syle Dressage. William's offspring continue in the Breed Show ring as well as currently competing in Driving events and are contiously taking home Championships of there own.
      Spring of 2018 Cora Hohenberg traveled to England to take part in the (TGCA) Traditional Gypsy Cob Association's judges training seminar, the first steps toward becoming a carded judge for the breed society. The TGCA is the Mother Stud Book from the country of origin for the breed. Summer of 2018 a second seminar attended  was held in Oklahoma when representitives of the TGCA went to the USA to educate and train International judges. Then it was back onto an airplane to England to be on the judges panel at TOYS, The Traditional Of The Year Show. Passing the judges evaluation Cora Hohenberg obtained and is a Level 1 S & C carded judge for the TGCA.
     No farm can operate efficiently without solid support. Karl Hohenberg is the backbone of Cyclone Gypsy Horses. From doing most of the hauling, all the repairs to farm machinery and equipment, making hay, bathing horses, assisting in training and the numerous other jobs that it takes to make a farm function smoothly and correctly. 
First we would like to thank you for stopping by our website.
We are small family run farm located in southeast Manitoba Canada, close to the Sandilands Provincial Forest.
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Cyclone Gypsy Horses
Cora Hohenberg Judge at TOYS
Some offspring of Black Forest William