About The Breed
These wonderful horses, referred to as gypsy cob, gypsy vanner, colored cob, as well as many other names are truly one and the same breed. By calling them one name or another does not make them any better or less then calling them by another name.
They come in all horse colors, and can be of any markings, however tobiano markings are most common.
Detailed breed standards and history can be found at any one of the registries.

Traditional Gypsy Cob Association
Gypsy Horse Registry of America
Gypsy Vanner Horse Society
American Drum Horse Association

In North America they are most commonly used as, and do well at being riding horses, however they were originally bred to work in harness. The cobs that we have had the pleasure to work with have shown natural ability and a strong work ethic. They have been easy to train to harness and with their intelligence they have quickly figured out any task they have been put to
Black Forest William (centre) with two of his offspring at a show